Making use of all those domains!

Mistakes are important.

If you’re doing something you know you can do, you’re not doing anything

Learning anything requires making mistakes. Make no mistakes and you’re not pushing yourself into new territories. Risk and reward are all part of the job BUT you can’t be reckless with a client’s assets or hard won google rankings.

Some sys-admin tasks need to be learned in a live environment, on a live server. Live domains and servers don’t come for free, so I propose recycling a little, to make use of the domains I’ve bought up, over the years, hoping to do something useful with.

All that’s needed to complete the toolkit is some hosting. Hosting (of the variety I need) doesn’t need to cost the earth and can be used again and again for practice, without breaking the bank. I could buy some and do some site setup/apache config practice on it, or I could use a local VM for free, either way, I’ll come back on here and write up what I learn from the experience.

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